About The Dirty Skillet

I can’t really think of one moment or fanciful story about my first time cooking in the kitchen with mom or grandma, making some time honored dish and suddenly knowing cooking was for me. I think I’ve just always been hungry and quite vocal about being hungry which, in turn, probably got on my mom’s nerves. I’m willing to bet I started cooking because I just had to have food right then and there. Since then, my hunger has evolved in more ways than one. I’m hungry to write more, eat more and cook more with the South serving as the main ingredient.

Being away from my home in Tennessee – and not quite ready to go back (sorry Mom) – I wanted to bring the South to me. I wanted to bring what I grew up with to the forefront and create a platform for me to explore more of what the South has to offer. In creating this Southern cooking blog I felt I had to leave the word “South” out of the title all together. I don’t know, it’s just something about that word that conjures up soft lit visions of gingham and soggy green bean casserole.

Interestingly enough, one of the first keywords that came to mind in thinking about a blog title was Dirty South…as in Dirty South hip hop. What better way to distance yourself from stereotypical ideas of what the South is but by aligning yourself with something as raw, poetic and high energy as rap music? Pair that with the love of my cast iron skillet and you’ve got The Dirty Skillet.